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Termoncarragh Meadows - County Mayo

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The Termoncarragh Meadows Reserve is an area of species rich semi-improved grasslands associated with an area of coastal pasture which, thanks to our on-going management, is attractive to Corncrakes during the summer months. The meadows and coastal pasture are home to breeding Skylarks, and Wheatears and Ravens breed on the coastal cliffs. During the winter, geese, in particular Barnacle Geese, can be found throughout the area as well as Peregrine, Chough and Rock Dove. The meadows are also important for an array of rare insects such as the Great Yellow Bumblebeewhich are found in very few other areas, 

Key species


Secretly hiding away in the tall vegetation the males distinctive repetitive, rasping ‘crex crex’ song maybe the only indication you have that they are present – often only heard in the middle of the night.


On a summers day the air is often filled with the song of Skylarks as they display high overhead before descending to their nest hidden amongst the meadow flowers.


The Chough is the rarest member of the crow family. They breed nearby and are often heard flying over the meadows or during the autumn and winter months found feeding amongst the short cropped vegetation, probing for invertebrates with their characteristic curved red bill.

Accessibility & Facilities

During the summer months, given the sensitive nature of the reserve please refrain from entering and view from surrounding roads only.

Opening times: The Termoncarragh Meadows reserve is open all year-round although to reduce disturbance to the wildlife during the summer months please view the reserve from the adjoining public road and track

Entrance charges: Free, but donations to help us continue our work here are welcome.

Facilities: There are no facilities. Parking is available at the beach to the north of the meadows at Scotchport. This is a remote location and at times there maybe grazing animals present, so please take care. No dogs are allowed on the reserve at any time and whilst walking along the road please keep dogs on a leash and under close control. 

Where is it?

Location: 7 km west of Belmullet on the Mullet Peninsula in north-west Mayo; Termoncarragh Meadows are to the west of Termoncarragh Lake

Grid Ref: F646 356

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